10 Shaving Mistakes You’re Probably Making


Shaving is a fact of life for everyone these days, men, women, animals just before they get stitches, and yes, sometimes it can feel like a terrible chore. Especially if like some of us, the hair that covers your body makes you suspect that you're either a werewolf or a distant relative of Chewbacca.

For the most part, though, shaving is great, it makes you more aerodynamic, less hair means that you're cooler in the summer and let's be honest, you are lying if you haven't ever in your life just stroked a freshly shaved leg, basking in its smoothness. Smooth, silky skin, that is the aim of the game, however, there are eight common shaving mistakes that are doing your skin more harm than good. So let's get down to business, it's time to stop all of these bad shaving habits and become ruler of the razor once more.


Dry Shaving

woman dry shaving legs


It doesn't matter if you're in a rush or that you've run out shaving foam, there is no excuse for dry shaving, so grab some of your conditioner, it doesn't matter if it's from the dollar store or if it's 52 dollars an ounce, just slap some on your skin and away we go! Shaving without lubrication will always lead to razor burn and shaving rashes, seriously, if you literally cannot find anything else, for the sake of your poor skin, just use water.


Rushing the Razor


Rushing when you're shaving is stupid at best and hazardous at worst. When you're speeding through your shaving routine, you're paying less attention, which means more cuts and scrapes. This is the last thing you need when you're trying to sort out your bikini line because that's dangerous at the best of times! You'll probably even forget a huge important area, leaving a big hairy patch on an otherwise smooth skin. Take it from us, slow, even, deliberate strokes are best.


Not Rinsing the Blade

woman shaving with soap


This is another problem that seems to happen when you're either a) in a rush, or b) not paying any attention to the task at hand. The razor blades get clogged up if they aren't rinsed between every couple of strokes, which means they won't be as efficient, forcing you to apply too much pressure to the skin. Which means as you guessed it, more chances for razor burn. Yay.

Another thing to mention here is soap, another reason that the blades  get clogged up, stick to using baby oil or conditioner in a pinch. Soap really isn't an appropriate alternative.


Heavy Handed Shaving

heavy-handed shaving


Being forceful with the razor creates more problems, the extra pressure on the skin creates uneven skin, which in turn leads to more cuts, rashes, and razor burns. Worst of all, pressing down on the skin like that can even lead to the demon known as ingrown hairs.


Shaving the Wrong Way

shaving rash


This is a mistake that most people don't realize they're doing. Sure, shaving against the direction of the hair gives you a closer shave, but it is causing a lot of damage to your skin too. Firstly it's not even that much closer than shaving the other way, but it can cause serious pain. Which is not that great a trade when you think about it. Secondly, this is especially bad for those of you with sensitive skin, leading to more razor burns, rashes and such.  Thirdly,  going against the grain can force the blunt hairs to grow back into the skin, instead of out, like they should.



over-shaving armpits


When it comes to certain areas of the body less is definitely more, especially when it comes to your armpits. Studies show that women shave their underarms with ten strokes or more, which is far, far too much. You're shaving your armpits, not peeling potatoes, okay. Over shaving can lead to sore and dry skin, razor burns and skin rashes.


Not Disposing the Disposable

disposable razor

Disposable razors are just that, disposable. Blunt razors are more likely to cause skin irritation, razor bumps, and cuts. Furthermore, they are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which in addition, can lead to serious infections. If you're shaving your pits, bits or wherever every day, then you'll need to replace your razor once a week. Remember blunt blades plus bacteria is bad, very very bad.

The Electric Shaver

electric shaver


To be clear, electric razors are only useful when they are shearing sheep and aren't very practical when it comes to removing the hair from humans. Electric razors have blades that rotate, these rotating blades do not help with the hair really, they flatten it, making it more likely that they will be ingrown. Whereas traditional razors get closer to the skin, shaving hairs and helping to remove dead skin leaving it silky smooth.


Not Exfoliating

exfoliting legs


Have you ever heard the term, "prevention is better than cure?" Well, this is why preparation is so important. Exfoliating before shaving removes dead skin cells. It also cleanses and softens the skin. Remember, you want a relatively smooth base for the sake of your legs, and your razor, as an uneven surface causes  many problems.


Not Moisturizing

moisturizing legs after shaving


Just like exfoliating beforehand, moisturizing is an essential part of the shaving routine. Moisturizer should be applied when the skin is still damp, thus retaining all of that much need moisture. Or if you would prefer, baby oil is an increasingly popular option for post-wash skin hydration. The skin can get so dry between the combination of shaving and exfoliating that locking in moisture is the perfect option to ensuring that skin is protected.

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