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After making the decision to try your first reusable menstrual product, it's like nothing after that is off-limits. Cloth pads would never have made it onto my radar if not for my menstrual cups. While still new to the cup game, I was using disposable liners for back-up protection. Eventually this became a problem...

Before switching to menstrual cups, I resigned myself to accepting that monthly irritation and chaffing from disposable pads was a necessary evil. Menstrual cups proved this to be untrue. I had never felt more dry and comfortable during my period. Although the menstrual cup was very efficient at it's job of my collecting my flow, there were still a few minor leaks that needed to be contained.

I relied on my hefty stash of disposable panty liners to catch any leaks... until those tell-signs of irritation started happening again. Since menstrual cups were basically the healthier alternative to tampons, why not take the next step and try the healthier alternative to disposable pads and pantyliners.

First Disposable vs Cloth Liner Experience

disposable vs cloth pantyliner

The first cloth liner I tried was a 'Party In My Pants' liner. I know... not the best name but I kind of see what they were getting at. Just look at the difference between the hospital white disposable liner and the pretty, colorful pattern on the cloth liner. Which one would you reach for first?

I was pleasantly surprised by the cloth pantyliner. Along with being beautiful, the fabric didn't irritate my skin! And why should it, it's a pantyliner that's made from the same material as my underwear.

Goodbye bleaches, chemicals and plastic. Helloooo sweet, glorious cotton 🙂

I had such a wonderful experience with the PIMPs (*eye roll*) liner that I decided to see what a few other brands had to offer. When you first start researching cloth pads, its almost like having to learn new language. There are so many different fabric options, shapes and lengths; so in the next post I'm going to do what I love best and try to simplify it all.

Interested in trying cloth pads? Here's the best place to start:

Find Those Free Samples

In comparison to disposables, cloth pads are a huge investment. Thankfully, a few cloth pad companies offer free samples to new customers that have never their products. 

Cloth Pad Curious GiveAway

Party In My Pants free cloth pad sample

If you're in the US you can get a free mini, demi, luxe or thong liner for the shipping cost of $3.99. The offer is also available to international customers, but will have the higher shipping cost of $7.99. Sign up for your free sample here.

Lunapads Pantyliner Sample

Lunapads cloth pad sample

Lunapads is the second company I found that offers a free pantyliner, for just $5 shipping. Get yours here.

The great thing about these samples is that they are on the opposite side of the spectrum when it comes to fabric choices. The PIMPs liner is cotton-topped with a nylon backing, while the Lunapads liner is flannel backed with a cotton fleece top.

Being able to feel the different textures makes it easier to choose the ideal fabrics for your future cloth pad stash.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kay

    1 February, 2017 at 6:38 pm

    Hannah also offers a sample pad for $5! in the US. Just ordered mine! I believe Glad Rags does too!


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