4 Steps To Choosing A Menstrual Cup

How To Choose A Menstrual Cup

What Size Menstrual Cup Do I Need?

This is the first mystery you'll need to solve before choosing a cup. I hunted down all the cup comparison videos I could find, and the more I watched, the more confused I became. While it was great seeing the differences between the firmness, grip rings, cup shapes and stem styles, it didn't bring me any closer to knowing which cup would be the right fit for me.

The manufacturer's instructions for choosing a cup were simple, but still confusing. They separate menstrual cups into two models:

Menstrual Cup Sizes

 Model 1:

  - recommended for women with light to moderate flow, virgins, women under 30 and women who have never had a child


Model 2:

  - recommended for women with moderate to heavy flows, women over 30 and women who have had a child

However, it’s important to realize that these are not hard and fast rules, they are only recommendations. You may be asking:

What if I’m soon turning 30 but have never had a child?

What if I had a c-section?

What if I had a child but model 2 looks too big?


Let's remove the confusion, here's what you really need to know before choosing a menstrual cup.


Fail-safe Method For Choosing The Right Menstrual Cup

The ‘right’ cup is the one that will be suited to the height and shape of your body. Of the two, height is key. Before choosing a cup, you need to know the height of your cervix.

Low Cervix

Low Cervix

Medium Cervix

Medium Cervix

High Cervix

High Cervix

The cervix can be varying distances away from your vaginal opening, making every woman unique. This distance determines which cups can and cannot work for you.

Since you can’t try it on for size, measuring your cervix height is the next best option to choosing the right cup for your body. I didn’t realize this until making the switch, but disposable products train you to become disconnected from your body. As a menstrual cup user, you will get to know your female anatomy better than you ever thought possible. I certainly have!

Personally, I was afraid to take this first step. Hearing the word cervix always brought to mind a gynecologist slowly inching his way towards me with a speculum. But as I have learned in life, our fears are usually worse than reality.

It’s surprisingly easy to find your cervix. I can’t emphasize enough how important this step is. *If you choose a cup that’s too short, it can inch it’s way higher than your fingers can reach, leading to multiple panicked attempts at removing the cup.*

If you need help choosing a cup that isn't too long, or isn't too short... but fits jusssst right, click here to learn how you can find your cervix.


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