6 Sneaky Ways Your Menstrual Cycle Tricks You Into Going On Shopping Sprees – “Oh that’s why I bought that!”

shopping spree


A recent study by the University of Texas on the biological basis of consumer behavior, yay science, suggests that what you choose to spend your hard earned cash on, is controlled by our hormones. Thanks hormones, it's not like you aren't causing chaos everywhere else in our lives! Although, if you happen to be on hormonal birth control, your hormones are all evened out and you don't really have an excuse as to why you bought three new pairs of shoes this week.


Netflix and Grill - Days 1-4

netflix and chill


Your hormone levels are nice and low during the first few days of your period, which is one of the reasons why you have great control over your spending habits. The other being that you're too busy burying your face in a bucket of Ben & Jerry's while bingeing on Netflix box sets. In fact, the only thing you're really splurging on are the necessities, like tampons, and we all know that they don't come cheap. Okay and anything chocolate related, but you need chocolate, for reasons.


I'm Bringing Sexy Back - Days 5-10

bringing sexy back


You'll be shopping for the sexy stuff, a figure hugging dress, killer heels or even some luscious lingerie. Basically anything that you feel will bump up your attractiveness level. This is because your estrogen levels are rising and you want to look especially attractive to prospective partners.

lingerie and makeup


This is the time of the month that you'll get end up with a purse full of Butter Gloss and a push up bra. Oh and here is the bad news for some of you ladies, as the urge to buy is even stronger when you're single. So it's probably a good idea to put your credit card in the custody of a reliable friend, or you can just lock it in the freezer before you blow your budget on a bunch of Brazilian blow outs and half of the Victoria's Secret catalogue!


Can't Keep My Hands to Myself - Days 11-13

can't keep my hands to myself

Your body is rapidly producing more estrogen before ovulation. This is a last ditch attempt by your body before baby making season ends. This month anyway. With hormones rising so dramatically, you're more likely to be out and about, socializing, going to clubs and what not. With the estrogen boosting your confidence and making you feel sexier than usual, you'll definitely be getting your flirt on. Effectively you're on the hunt for a mate, but instead of a mating call, you spend your hard earned cash on club covers and rounds at the bar. Oh and let's not forget the cab fares and/or subway costs.


Variety is the Spice of Life - Day 14

trey songz, channing tatum, jason momoa

Congratulations, you're ovulating! This means that you're a lot more open to trying out new things. Your body's main goal at this point, is to get impregnated. With this in mind, it makes you a lot less picky and widens the pool, giving you more choices, and in turn, more opportunities to get fertilized. Which explains why you went home with the skinny artist with a man bun, when you usually go for big bearded lumberjacks. Don't worry single ladies, you'll be glad to hear that the study also shows that this effect is even stronger for women in committed relationships. Finally a justification as to why you bought that bright blue lipstick or a brightly patterned skirt when you're more of a neutral girl.


Have Your Cake and Eat it Too - Days 15-20

sperm cupcakes


This is where progesterone, the pregnancy hormone, shows up. Surprise! Even if you don't have a bun in the oven, your body begins to prep itself for potential parenthood. This means that you'll want to eat more and get started on nesting. You might be more inclined to eat out and munch on high calorie foods, because increasing your calorie intake is one of the many ways that your body gets itself ready for baby making. This may make you order take out, or eat one of those made to share candy bars all by yourself. Another part of it is the aforementioned nesting.


Nesting is your way of getting the house ready, so you'll want to purchase things that will make it comfier and cozier for you and your potential children. Your hormones are telling you to make a house a home, so you end up buying new throw pillows, fluffy towels, curtains or even new plates.


Crash and Burn - Days 21-28

sad woman on couch


At the end of your cycle, your estrogen and progesterone levels begin to drop, before ultimately taking a nose dive just before your period. It's this huge dip on the last day that brings forth PMS and all of the joy that comes with it. You're on a downer and a more likely to drop your dollars on things that comfort you, whether it's a tray or three of Mac & Cheese, a super soft robe, or new mascara.

Scientists never body to study this part because it's so subjective, each person will buy whatever perks them up, with items and prices varying greatly. Well to be fair, there is a big difference between ankle boots and eyeliner! But for the pain that you're about to endure for the next 3-5 days, just buy whatever makes you feel better. Cause guess what... you get to through the whole thing again, so go on, treat yourself to whatever boosts your mood.



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