Menstrual Cup Comparison

Soft vs Firm Menstrual Cups

I place a big emphasis on finding the right cup length, as I personally believe this is the key step in choosing a cup that fits. It’s also the only cup feature you can compare to your body without actually having the cup in your vagina.

But some of you may be wondering, "What about the firmness of the cup?" Well here’s my take on that.

Soft Cups vs Firm Cups

All menstrual cups are "soft". The firmness of a cup really speaks to the amount of effort it takes for the cup to open fully after being inserted. From here, this is where things can get complicated because every woman’s body is different.

The amount of effort it takes for the cup to unfold is also dependent on the strength and elasticity of your vaginal walls. For instance, a soft cup may open fully with each insertion for me, but it may take another woman 5 attempts to get the same cup opened.


Best Firmness Level For First Time Menstrual Cuppers

My first cup was on the firmer side, and after trying a softer cup here is my recommendation based on personal experience:

If this is your first cup, I would recommend starting with a firmer cup, especially if you have low- medium cervix.

My first cup was a small Lena, which is a firm, bell-shaped cup.

Because of my medium cervix, I only insert the cup half way, allow it to fully open, then push it under my cervix. When I tried this with the softer Lunette cup, this did not work! The body of the cup is so soft that I need to fully insert it if I want it to open.

The problem with doing this, is that I end up pushing the cup past my cervix then have to re- position it multiple times before it’s where I need it to be. When I’m on my crampy days, the less maneuvering I have to do, the better!

If I had to recommend a cup to start with, I’d say the Lena. Mainly because this company goes above and beyond for their customers and they stand behind their product. With most companies, all sales are final and exchanges are impossible.

Lena won’t exchange your product, but they’re known to send you a second cup for free if you think you chose the wrong size. And if after trying the cup you realize that it just isn’t the right fit for you, they’ve been known to issue a full refund.

Amazon Customer Reviews

So if the Lena is compatible with your available cup space, I’d recommend starting there. If not, chose a cup based on your cervix height and after getting that hands on practice, then and only then will you know if a firm or softer cup is better for you.



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