Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Her

'Tis the Season to be jolly, or so they say... however some of us are less carol singing and more panic buying novelty socks and crying as we drink mulled wine from mugs covered with hilarious Winter puns. Yes of course, it's the thought that counts, BUT that does not give you a carte blanche to buy your Mother another pair of tartan slippers this year.

Gift-giving can be really tricky, but it can also be extremely gratifying. There is nothing quite like watching someone's eyes light up as they open your present with glee. If you are struggling to find the perfect present for the women in your life, look no further, help is here!

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1. USpicy Oval Make-Up Brushes

Thanks to the growth of Youtube beauty tutorials, every woman who wants flawless foundation or eyebrows on fleek now has the power right at their fingertips. They do say that a poor craftsman always blames his tools, however having the best tool for the job can hardly hurt, right!?

This 10 piece professional brush set is  super soft, which means they can be used both dry and wet! With a great selection of brushes for nearly every job, it's no wonder that these are favored by leading make-up artists.

It's not just seasoned professionals that will fall in love with this set, it is perfect for novices and those unsure of where to start their brush collection. This Uspicy oval brush set even comes with an instruction booklet that shows you how to use them. All in all, this is a must-have for all beauty lovers.

Price: $39.99


2.) nOir Jewelry Crescent Moon and Starburst Drop Earrings

These crescent moon earrings from nOir Jewelry are the perfect stocking filler for the lady in your life! You can have all of the studs in the world but sometimes a girl just wants a pair of fun, fashionable earrings.

Every gal deserves a bit of sparkle during the festive Season and these stars really do shine. So whether you're looking to treat your gal pal to some frosting, or getting your sister some something glam for her gladrags, then these are exactly what you are looking for.

Price: $50.00


3. Vintage Style Big Bow Heels

Yes yes yes, we know the age old adage that women are obsessed with shoes and well, in this case it is decidedly so. These vintage style platform shoes are absolutely gorgeous, with a big beautiful bow right on the front. They come in three colors, nude, black and red, which are all of the options that you need!

These four-inch heels are classic and definitely suit the rockabilly/pin-up style. In recent years, shoes have been made narrower and narrower, which makes these the saving grace for shoe lovers who are sick of cutting off their circulation just to get into a pair of pumps!

Price: $15.99


4. Fitbit Flex Accessory Bangle

This Fitbit flex 2 bracelet is absolutely amazing, it holds the Fitbit securely and the bangle blends in brilliantly with other jewelry. It comes with a tracker too so no matter where it is placed, it will be easily found.

Whether you're buying for a fitness fanatic, or looking for a fun accessory for her wearable tech, then this is what you are looking for. It comes in gold, silver and rose gold, with three different size options, it looks less like a fitness band and more like a lovely piece of jewelry.

Price: $20.20


5. Refresh Combat Boots

These boots are made for walking... and hiking, and maybe even some dancing, why the heck not!? The lace up combat style boots are the perfect combination of durable, comfortable and stylish. They are warm, waterproof and are even useful for trekking through the snow. These are more than worth their money, especially to the girl who likes a useful gift!

Price: $10.56 - $45


6. Dearfoam Memory Foam Sweater Knit Booties

Well isn't that a mouthful!? Christmas seems to be the time of year that suddenly makes people want to buy slippers, from novelty elf slippers with jingle bells, to those slip-ons like your granny used to wear.

Although considered both an indoor and outdoor shoe, these cozy slippers are just the thing to keep the little piggies toasty on a cold Winter's night. They are cushioned with memory foam so that every step is like walking on air. A definite win.

Price: $24.99


7. Bath Bomb Gift Set

When in doubt toiletries are always a safe bet and if Snapchat is anything to go by, girls do love a bath bomb, or six! While other bath bombs dye the water and leave glitter and other traces, these natural bath bombs do not, which means they are safe for those of us with sensitive skin.

To top it all, she can relax without having to worry about the ethical side of things because they are cruelty-free and vegan too!

Price: $19.97


8. Hairbuff Straightening Brush

If she has hair that is curly, wavy or frizzy, then this straightening brush by Hairbuff is just the ticket! This tourmaline bristled slim brush like tool comes with 6 different temperature settings so it works on a variety of hair types.

This brush manages to straighten the hair with a more natural finish than straighteners would, without the damage caused by regular hair straighteners. This is the next step in the hair styling evolution.

Price: $29.99


9. Qianse Heart of The Ocean

If you really want to show her your undying love this Christmas, then this present will certainly do the talking for you. This bold and beautiful blue heart-shaped Swarovski crystal is wrapped in its own  crystal studded bow.

This little number just screams opulence and it really does sparkle. The sapphire colored heart has such clarity, like you wouldn't believe. The best part is, it gives you every opportunity to sing "My Heart Will Go On" whenever you like!

Price: $35.98


10. W7 Ultimate Eyeshadow Collection

This eyeshadow collection consists of four complete W7 color palette tins, each containing 12 shades of shadow. The four palettes are In the Buff, In the Nude, In the Buff Lightly Toasted and In the Night. These are like the affordable alternative to Urban Decay and they have a nice variety of finishes in pearl, matte and metallic.

The colors are rich and pigmented, so much so that they work on a range of skin tones, from fair to dark. If you are really looking to treat your girl but have no clue when it comes to shades, finishes, etc, then this is great as it covers so many bases that she will absolutely love it.

Price: $27.59

Go on, give a little!

Now that you've finished the list what are you waiting for? Get shopping, you know what they say, no time like the present!


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